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When you are dealing with something as serious as matrimonial law, you deserve service from an attorney you can trust. Jacob Tuckfelt, Esq. was born and raised in Warwick and takes pride in providing expert legal assistance to his neighbors in the surrounding counties.


We are skilled in all aspects of matrimonial law, and communicate openly with you about your options.

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Contested divorces:

  • These are adversarial proceedings that take place if the spouses are not in agreement

  • Commencing the divorce action

  • Obtaining temporary relief while the divorce action is pending, including temporary maintenance, temporary custody/visitation, temporary child support, exclusive use of the marital residence, and/or legal fees.

  • Prosecuting the action all the way through trial and post-judgment issues as necessary


Uncontested divorces:

  • Preparation and filing of all the necessary paperwork

  • Ensuring the protection of our clients' rights

  • Accurate completion of requisite tasks for proper filing

  • Answering all client questions

  • Addressing all client concerns


Something in-between:

  • This refers to a very common situation.  Both spouses wish to get divorced but are not in complete agreement on all the issues.

  • Division of marital assets

  • Spousal maintenance (“alimony”)

  • Child support

  • Child custody and visitation

  • Expert assistance in resolving the issues in a fair and legally sound manner, while enabling the spouses to proceed to an uncontested divorce


Collaborative divorce:

  • This is a relatively new technique that aims to support the spouses as they proceed toward divorce. The goal is not only to achieve a fair and amicable dissolution of the marriage, but to implement an effective framework for the parties’ post-divorce relationship. The parties’ post-divorce relationship can go on for decades, and often includes such critical matters as raising the parties’ children.

  • Each party will have his or her own attorney; however, the attorneys should be trained in collaborative practice.

  • Additional professionals are brought into the process as necessary. These professions can include mediators, child specialists, and financial specialists.

  • By using this method, all participants are committed to resolving marital issues without litigation

  • Jacob Tuckfelt has received extensive training in this area, and is an active member of the Hudson Valley Collaborative Divorce Association.



  • Separation agreements

  • Pre-marital agreement (“pre-nuptial agreements”)

  • Post-marital agreements (agreements between parties who are presently married, and can cover such things as how assets will be divided in the event of a divorce).

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