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Scales of Justice

At the Law Office of Jacob Tuckfelt, LLC, we offer reliable matrimonial legal service that puts your needs first. We give you real answers and respond promptly to your calls and requests. You get the information you need to make the best informed decision.

  • Contested divorces

  • Uncontested divorces

  • Collaborative divorces

  • Agreements

  • Mediation


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Some common causes of personal injury lawsuits:

  • Trip and Fall/Slip and Fall

  • Automobile Accidents

  • Construction Accidents

  • Product Liability


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Call the Law Office of Jacob Tuckfelt, LLC for your confidential, initial consultation:


  • Orders of Protection (Family Offense Petitions):

  • Violation Proceedings

  • Child Custody and Visitation

  • Child Support

  • Parental Relocation

  • Other Family Law Proceedings

         -Child Protective Proceedings

         -Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS)




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Some issues dealing with employment include, but are not limited to:

  • Minimum Wage

  • Overtime Wage

  • Unlawful Wage Deductions

  • Nonpayment of Wages


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  • Corporate Formation and Organization

  • Shareholder Disputes

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims

  • Breach of Contract


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